Performance Orthopedics


Published August 07, 2014 by Jenn Culpepper


An in-depth review of a patient’s complaint, associated history and symptoms; followed by a thorough physical examination, leading to. Comprehensive, personalized treatment plan. We can also offer an unbiased review of current or prior care to help clarify or augment a treatment recommendation.

NOVOCAINE: to assist with acute pain relief and to assist in the diagnosis of a condition
STEROID: To assist with longer term pain relief by placing medication directly into the area that is injured
HYALURONIC ACID: A medication which mimics the bodies own joint fluid which can help lubricate degenerative joints and assist in improving function and decreasing pain
PLATELET RICH PLASMA (PRP): Using a patient’s own blood and extracting a concentrated plasma solution which is rich in components that modulate healing
FLUOROSCOPIC/ULTRASOUND GUIDANCE: Fluoroscopic/Ultrasound Guidance – Performance orthopedics utilizes that latest available technologies to assist in needle placement to assure that the injections deliver the medication to the precise area intended.

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